About Lompoc Valley Seed & Milling

Brief history of Bob Campbell and Campbell Ranches

Bob is the 4th generation of Campbell’s living and working in Lompoc.  His love for agriculture came from growing up and working on the family farm and ranch on Campbell Road in Lompoc.  

He started farming on his own in 1969 after graduating from High School.

He started with a small dry farming operation, concentrating on grains and lima beans.  As market demands changed, his farming operation changed with it.  Campbell Ranches has become a very diverse company specializing in beef cattle, fresh vegetables, vegetable and flower seeds, and dry beans.  We grow, process and ship our products all over the United States and to some overseas customers in England, Holland, South America and Japan.

The Lompoc warehouse facility has been in operation since the 1950’s, but has been leased and operated by the Campbell Family as Lompoc Valley Seed & Milling since 2006.  The majority of beans grown in and around the Lompoc Valley are brought here to be cleaned, packaged and shipped.  Beans can be purchased at the warehouse in sizes ranging from 2 lb. bags up to 50 lb. sacks.  Lompoc Albertson’s grocery store  also carries a variety of our local beans.

LOCAL FAVORITES: Yellow Beans & Pinquito Beans

Pinquito Beans are unique to the Central Coast. It loves our cooler Lompoc climate and is the perfect addition to any BBQ. Now the Yellow Bean is also unique to our local valley. This bean is very versatile. You can use it as a chili bean. So many of our customers use this bean for refried beans and you can also use it for a simple bean soupl. This bean has a nice creamy texture and such a mild flavor.


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Lompoc Valley Seed & Milling has been owned and operated 

by the Campbell Family since 2006.